Primary care, preventive care, health and nutritional coaching, yoga, and meditation all in one place with one purpose: Focused on your well-being, delivered by people who treat you like you're a person too. So good you might even call it PURE.

The Patient is the Center. With Freelancers Medical, your health, your lifestyle, your state of mind all matter – and get care. And the care you get is comprehensive, and personal.
Working with Collective Primary Care, you create your own health team, with you in the lead. Your primary care doctor and your own health coach are on the team with you – and you work together to manage your care and to develop and implement a personalized health plan to help you feel your best.
Health care can be intimidating, but here you are never alone. Your health coach is your partner in taking on the health issues you face. Whether it's losing weight or reducing stress, managing diabetes or asthma, medication you need for a week or take every day for years, your coach is on your side: paying attention, nudging you when you need it, following up if your doctor refers you to outside experts, helping you stay on track.
Sound body. Peace of minds. Health isn't just about doctors, tests, and prescriptions.
You are too busy to be sick, and we know that. Health is also about being proactive. It's about making your own well-being a priority you don't cast aside because you're too busy. That means putting together a wellness program that fits your lifestyle.
The Freelancers Medical program offers wellness programs like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, ergonomics assistance, nutrition counseling, cooking classes, support groups, and the help of a health coach, because what you do matters to us. Everyone can take steps to feel better and live healthier. We make it easier for you and we make it part of your integrated primary care services.
Real health care reform is our reform right here, right now. We've put experienced health experts, the best ideas, and the latest technology together to turn the idea of health care reform into bricks-and-mortar reality.
There's no copay for office visits at the practice. Zero! We make it easy for you to be proactive about your health. It's no hassle to see a doctor, make a health plan, or take advantage of all the programs we offer – all to help prevent you from getting sick.
We're using a new approach that gets you the care you need when you need it. Always. Doctors have more time to spend with you. Have a problem in the middle of the night? You can call your doctor any time. Have a question you forgot to ask? You can email your doctor and be sure to get a quick answer. Ever wonder what your doctor is scribbling in your file? You are welcome to participate in writing up your visit notes so you can be sure nothing gets left out. It's simple: Your health is worth your doctor's time.
An experience created by and for freelancers. We hold independence at a premium, but we also get that it's mutual support that helps us make it on our own.
We understand that it takes getting together to solve the challenges we each face – health care being right at the top of our list – for us to thrive as individuals. That's what community is all about: connecting as a group so we can each do our thing.

Freelancers Medical is the community we built – and are continuing to build. It's about much more than access to innovative, quality health care. It's where we share our experience in the freelance economy and keep connecting and building the solutions we need to make it work for us.
Now, in downtown Brooklyn, patient-centered health care is available to freelancers. And we've got space for classes and meetings, opportunities to get together – and room for innovation. Bring your creative energy and help develop the next great innovation in health care and wellness.