• If you're a new enrollee:
      You can get access to Freelancers Medical in 2015 by choosing a plan through Freelancers Union and Empire BlueCross BlueShield that has a medical home rider. These plans will be available during open enrollment, which starts on November 15:

      Bronze 5600 with Freelancers Medical
      Silver 2450 with Freelancers Medical
      Gold 1000 with Freelancers Medical
      Platinum 200 with Freelancers Medical

      If you currently have a Freelancers Insurance Company plan:
      Freelancers Insurance Company Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans automatically provide access to Freelancers Medical in 2014.

      If you are currently enrolled in an FIC PPO1, PPO2, PPO3, or Value 2 plan and would like access to Freelancers Medical, you can sign up by calling 800-856-9981 or by filling out and mailing this form.

    • Once you’re enrolled in an "FM" plan with a Medical Home rider, you can go to Freelancers Medical as many times as you want with no copay and no deductibles. You’ll have unlimited access to primary care services and free wellness classes and events. Please note that you will still be responsible for labwork and other services that are sent out to other providers, such as labs or specialists, as well as for visiting another physician, provider, urgent care clinic or emergency room (even if referred by Freelancers Medical).

    • Freelancers Medical is unique in the way your doctors treat you and the way your care is coordinated. In fact, we have a patient satisfaction rate that’s far above industry standards!

      At Freelancers Medical, we’re focused on wellness from a whole-person perspective. You’ll work with doctors and nurses who take the time to listen and get to know you. You’ll also be matched with a health coach who can help you develop a plan to be your healthiest and meet your goals.

      Freelancers Medical also offers a host of programs to help you feel your best – yoga, meditation, nutrition counseling, creative classes, support groups, and more!

      Learn more about our services

    • We have two state-of-the-art practices, one in downtown Brooklyn and one in lower Manhattan. Plenty of time is built into the appointment schedule to keep your wait time as short as possible.

    • Yes. The doctors are board certified in family practice and care for patients of all ages, including children.

    • We’re sorry but no, the medical practice is only available by choosing a plan through Freelancers Union and Empire BlueCross BlueShield that has a medical home rider.

    • The Freelancers Medical program invites you to come meet the doctors and health care professionals, each of whom would welcome the chance to provide you with the quality, personal health care you deserve. If you decide that the Freelancers Medical program is right for you, we'd like to be your sole primary care provider and will ask that you officially designate your primary care doctor as such.

    • Freelancers Medical is built into certain insurance plans offered through Freelancers Union. If you stop your insurance, you won't be able to keep getting care through the Freelancers Medical program.

    • Doctors are always easy to reach, and responsive. Use our patient app to send an email or text message, or set up an appointment for a video chat or phone conversation. And of course you can come in – and even schedule same-day appointments when you need them.

      If it's late at night or a weekend afternoon, you can always reach your doctor and get the help you need right away.

    • We do have plans in the works to open additional Freelancers Medical locations in upper Manhattan and New Jersey. Stay tuned for more details!