A revolutionary workforce deserves revolutionary care. Freelancers Medical is health care as it should be: innovative, wellness-focused, and designed to fit your busy freelance life.

Designed for you

Built for independent workers, the Freelancers Medical home takes an innovative approach to reinventing the primary care model. We promote total wellness, not just treating sickness, with a personalized, 360-degree approach. You’ll work with an amazing team of doctors, nurses, and health coaches who will collaborate with you on reaching your health goals. The result is a patient satisfaction rate far above normal industry standards.

Care that fits your busy schedule

Freelancers are always on the go, so we’ve made it as easy as possible to get in touch with us. If you have a concern, just text, email, or video-chat with your doctor, or contact us 24/7 for urgent care. You can also view clinical notes, health records, imaging reports or lab results from your smartphone or computer.

If you need to see a doctor, we have convenient hours in our Brooklyn or Manhattan location and appointments are available right away if you're sick. While you wait, you can enjoy our WiFi in our sunny reception areas. We also offer free yoga, meditation, and many other wellness services to help you feel your best, all at regularly scheduled times to fix your busy schedule.

An idea turned to bricks-and-mortar reality

Freelancers Medical is more than a doctor’s office - it’s a concrete representation of the vision, entrepreneurialism, and solidarity of New York’s freelance workforce. It's where freelancers can get the high-quality care they deserve and gather as a community to build new solutions. With Freelancers Union and programs like Freelancers Medical, we are on the forefront of creating new forms of mutual support.