Freelancers Medical, a program of Freelancers Insurance Company, is health care as it should be: first and foremost, it's about you. To us, health care must be about treating the whole you, not just your body parts or ailments.

The patient is always the center

The Freelancers Medical program puts you – the patient – at the center of everything we do. This should be standard practice in medicine, but sadly isn't always. So we created a new model for primary care, one that puts the heart back into medicine. We see you as the individual you are – and we make you our partner in your own well-being. Your doctor and health coach form a team with you in the lead. Our innovative approach includes redesigning the primary care model so doctors are rewarded for promoting their patients' health.

Quality care that respects your time

Putting the patient at the center also means that getting quality health care has to be easy. We understand that you're busy; if you have a concern, you can email, text, or Skype your doctor, whichever is the best way for you. If you need to come in, we are located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, easily accessible by 9 subway lines and many buses. We have convenient hours, and appointments are available right away if you're sick. We designed our brand new, state-of-the-art space with you in mind; there's wifi in the reception area and ipads for your convenience. But you won't be waiting for long – your time is precious and we treat it that way.

We believe that being healthy is about more than taking medicine when you're sick. We offer free yoga, meditation, and other classes on-site to help you carry out the health plan we design with you.

An idea turned to bricks-and-mortar reality

Freelancers may be fiercely independent, but we're also about community. And Freelancers Medical is the concrete manifestation of the shared aspirations, needs, and vision of New York's freelance workforce. It's what solidarity and the entrepreneurial spirit look like on the ground, in real time. It's where we freelancers can get the high-quality care we deserve, and where we can gather to keep building the structures that make freelance work work.

Freelancers Medical didn't just happen: We worked for it. Through Freelancers Insurance Company, we have built a social-purpose insurance company that brings us together as a group to meet the insurance needs we have as individuals. This is the same idea of mutual support that Sidney Hillman's clothing workers' union put to such great effect in the 1920's. Through the union, workers pooled their resources and built what they needed: housing, a bank, a health center. These were social-purpose entities designed on a financial model that lasts.

With Freelancers Union, Freelancers Insurance Company, and now Freelancers Medical program, we are on the forefront of creating new forms of mutual support. In the "new mutualist" economy – where the dance between interconnectedness and independence is the movement of our time – we're coming together to solve our shared challenges. The independence we prize actually works when we're part of a network that can develop lasting institutions that benefit us as individuals and help our network to thrive as well. It's the beauty of meeting our common concerns together and thereby fueling our independence.